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Audio samples

Analogue Lament
Bended Base
Distorted Monster Vibrato
Impro 01
Jolly Fog
Meditative Syncsaw Drones
Overcast and Gloomy
Pessimistic Late Night Loop
Rhythmic What-If

Video samples

Chimaera S96 in action driving the Yoshimi software synthesizer. The HD version can be found at:

Tiny teaser of the Chimaera S96. The sound is crappy, this video is solely here to show the touch-less control of the instrument. The device is configured with two groups, one controlling a theremin-like instrument and the other an analog base. Both instruments were modelled in SuperCollider. Position along the array controls pitch, distance controls volume in the case of the theremin and cut-off frequency of a low-pass filter in the case of the analog base. The HD version can be found at:

Accompanying some synthesized base guitar sounds created with the Chimaera S96 driving Fluidsynth, there is a visualization of the raw sensor dump that the event stream is based on. The HD version can be found at:

Visualization of the TUIO 2.0 event stream with the underlying raw sensor dump of the Chimaera S96. The event stream was fed through SuperCollider to synthesize some sound. Each event is shown at its position in (event ID, group ID) format. The HD version can be found at:

Beta Testers

After a high interest at Maker Faire Rome, we are now running a beta-testing campaign to collect more comprehensive feedback of first-hand experiences of our final Chimaera prototype design from interested individuals. Get in contact with us. Now.

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Last update - 16 Sep 2017

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