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Eteroj - Open Sound Control for LV2

To install the plugin bundle on your system, simply copy the eteroj.lv2 folder out of the platform folder of the downloaded package into your LV2 path.

Stable release

Unstable (nightly) release




Currently the following plugins are contained in this plugin bundle:


Embed OSC in MIDI Sysex messages. Use this to smuggle arbitrary OSC packets via MIDI to a given destination. It does also the opposite of course, e.g extract arbitrary OSC packets previously embedded in MIDI Sysex messages.


This is an OSC learn plugin. It translates OSC messages directly to LV2 Control ports and features automatic range detection.


Record/Playback of OSC to/from disk. Record all incoming OSC message with sample accuracy and play them back later from disk. Stored OSC data is part of the plugin state and thus preserved across instantiations.


A plugin able to inject/eject OSC packets into/from the plugin graph to/from network and serial lines. The non-realtime network part of the plugin supports OSC via bidirectional UDP and TCP on top of IPv4/IPv6 and OSC via serial lines which is handy for interfacing to microcontrollers via U(S)ART and USB. Stream based connections (TCP, Serial) support both size-prefix and SLIP framing.

Internally to the plugin graph, OSC packets are routed as first-class LV2 Atom objects, making the plugin compliant with any existing hosts.

Timestamped OSC bundles are injected into the plugin graph with sample accuracy.


Embed Turtle RDF in OSC as string. Use this to smuggle arbitrary LV2 atom messages via OSC to a given destination. It does also the opposite of course, e.g. extract and deserialize Turtle RDF embedded in OSC messages to plain LV2 atoms.


Embed arbitrary 1-3 byte MIDI commands (but Sysex) in OSC messages. Use this to send MIDI commands via OSC to a given destination. It does also the opposite of course, e.g. extract MIDI commands embedded in OSC messages to plain MIDI.


This plugin implements our OSC Introspect specification. It thus exports any methods and parameters of a given OSC device to transparently to LV2 properties.

Beta Testers

After a high interest at Maker Faire Rome, we are now running a beta-testing campaign to collect more comprehensive feedback of first-hand experiences of our final Chimaera prototype design from interested individuals. Get in contact with us. Now.

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